Post Christmas design business slowdown

I would like to compare notes with other freelance designers and consultancies out there to see if I am just being paranoid, or is it true; that design has a traditionally slow period after Christmas holidays? I am coming from mostly the industrial design sector so this may not be true for other facets of design. But I have found that pre holidays, it’s a huge push, getting designs done before China and the rest of the world (except Israel) go on holiday, but post holiday period things are kinda quiet until end of Feb… Any one else feel the same?

Pretty much across the board you can expect a slow down. Many companies need orders in by year end to meet their budget, and many take time off after the Christmas holiday. I always use Jan/Feb as a time to catch up on things like archiving files, cleaning up servers, updating portfolios, etc. It’s nice to know I’ll always have a break in the action so to speak.