post apacolyptic animals from the future.

This is a friend of mine’s site. Nicholas Di Genova. I just thought you might like his style:

cool stuff. Are these drawings or vector graphics?


Yo! I am shocked you are friends with Medium! I saw his stuff on Woostercollective and was blown away! I have his stuff (just regular inkjet prints) hanging in my bedroom. Was he a fellow RISD grad?

I know this is wrong forum, but I am planning on applying undergrad at RISD for fall 06. Any helpful suggestions?

Yeah, Nick is a good dude. He actually went to school somewhere in Toronto, I forget the name of the school. I saw his work awhile back at a gallery openning, emailed hime, and we’ve been friends since. Finally ponied up the doe for one of his paintings this month!

He I think represents a new bread of artists that are taking ‘lowbrow’ art, art people actually find interesting, and bringing it into the highbrow galleries.

RISD? Undergrad for ID? Where else are you applying? PM or email me and we can chat more about it.