Possible Masters Programs


I’m set to graduate this next december with a degree in Technology and Engineering Education. This basically sets me up to teach commercial art, graphic design, and industrial design as a high school teacher. I have bounced through a couple majors in Industrial design and graphic design to end up here.
My question is while this would be an enjoyable career, I want to know what my other options are, I want to somehow get into the industry side of the field.

What is the best way to get into the Industry?

Should I pursue a Masters degree? would that be more helpful or just a waste of time? and if it would be helpful what degree should I look at?

I enjoy the problem solving and creative thinking skills as well as the hands one and visual aspect of design. so anything in that direction I would feel happy with. thanks for you interest and any comments would be appreciated

welcome to core77

there are lots of discussions about how to get into the profession from related disciplines like engineering or architecture.
read up a bit and you may find some recurring themes that apply to you.

If you have a portfolio, post it up here and ask for some feedback (expect frank but fair evaluations) this is ultimately what gets you that first job. Be prepared to intern at first to get a foot in the door - as on the job training is the best education.

best of luck