possible design idea to revolutionize the known world...

I went to the grocery store tonight and I had an inspiration:

Did you ever notice tall or long-legged people doing “the shopping cart hunch”? I do because I’m one of them. I can’t stand up straight and push the cart in front of me because if I do, I’ll put some nice bruises on my shins. So i have to push the cart out on front of me, which causes the aforementioned “hunch”.

Perhaps that is impetus to design the all-new shopping cart. One that can be comfortably used by persons of any stature.

yeah and we’ll need shopping cart traffic controllers to regulate the different height carts in the store and keep them organized.

I think we need a mega adult-size baby walk trainer as shopping carts to get the overweights on their feet again. I hate it when the main population who use those electric carts and handicapped parking lots are people who least need them.