Portrayals of "sketches" in movies and media

I’m watching the Apple + series “For All Mankind” (highly recommend)

and I’m about halfway through season 2 when NASA engineers and a Soviet engineer come up with a universal docking solution and they tip out these sketches they did at a bar… :rofl:

Any other examples of sketches in movies or media you can think of?

Here’s low hanging fruit, and yes, she’s the daughter of that Bel Geddes.

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“I started off with cars, motorcycles, experimental designs…anything that blew my hair back really”

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I kind of liked that movie. Even if it was a bubblegum version of THX 1138

“You know, for kids.”

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How could I forget that one! Good reference @engelhjs

Another classic:

There will be a few sketches in this one :slight_smile: