+++ portolio feedback

Hey everyone!

I’d love some feedback and critique on my portfolio - i’ve been starting the hunt for jobs this week…graduating in april -


thanks -

specifics are appreciated!

sketch and rendering work is really nice.
I just wish you would put some model making in there as well…

sketch models, final models with people interacting with your design will give it more profile and context.

layout is good though, with a good and appropriate look for your niche.


From a styling perspective, everything looks s3xy and contemporary but a bit similar. I’d like to see a product outside of your adventure/sports/extreme niche- a child care product for example.

What you show for each project is three pages (the hummer is 4): a cover, a problem statement of sorts and a result page. One third of your presentation is cover pages. I’d question the need for a cover page for two pages. Maybe there is more that isn’t on coroflot, yet? The dominant image of the tent on both pages is the same image. ???

Even though what you show is strong, it is thin, not a lot of evidence of an iterative process. But from the quality of your work, I assume you’ve done the work, gone through a process, you’re just not showing it here, and that is okay. Just be sure to bring it to the interview. I’d like to see a little more breadth, and depth.

Otherwise slick layouts/graphics. Nice work all around. Good luck!

this is great feedback so far, thanks!

I do have a lot more of the process that’s not shown, so I should throw that in - including some model-making, so hopefully I can get some of that in soon.

I do have quite a few other projects that aren’t just the sports/outdoors niche… how many projects is too many in a portfolio to email someone? or is there a general cap of pages? what do you think of pages per project?

the tent does get a little repetitive, thanks for pointing that out. I’ll rework those pages a bit to make it more clear and show more work / esp. the sketches leading up to that design -

this is great though, thanks for all the tips so far!



Great stuff! Very good.

A couple of things:

  1. as mentioned a little variety. Everything has an action sports feel, which is cool, but 1 or 2 projects with a different spin will add a lot of dimension to the folio.

  2. more deliverables beyond renderings. You don’t have to have it in every project, but an example of a 2d technical drawing, a quick sketch model, a bit of CAD…

Keep up the great work. Good stuff. I like the Hummer sketches, especially the rough ones.

thanks michael!

appreciate the comments -

that’s a good eye opener … I’m planning on throwing variety in there in the next week or so with other projects and more depth of the ones I have posted already, some good advice!

just OKing some things off with work that I would be allowed to post/put in the folio, so more to come -