Portolio Feedback Please. For a Fall internship.

I really appreciate any feedback of any kind. Looking for a fall internship. I am fairly happy with it at this point but I am really trying to get it as best as it can be so any feedback is really helpful. Thanks!


Good breadth, depth, variety, pacing, presentation, and good work. If you’re holding back on sending it out, I’d say start emailing people now. :wink:

Very nice. Best of luck in your search!


Hey Cameron and Warren,

Thanks for the support! I have been applying to wide variety of jobs.
Is there anything more specific that you think needs some work?

Thanks again!

Hi Luke

Quick feedback from my side -

  1. In your first project, why do you show the final product/render on the cover slide, as you have not done for other projects or vice a versa ?

  2. Your size of typeface is too big and too small sometimes. Mostly big, which makes me to skip reading it, because it scares me off and makes me think its time consuming

  3. You need to define the brief more properly to understand what you are solving the problem

  4. Balance out your slides, sometimes there is lots of overlap images of mockup, sketches; too much text and information; lot of processes. Try to find a right balance to explain the important thing in the page.

Good luck !

Tried reply earlier but it didn’t work.

Great stuff. Solid design, skills, layout and projects. Would for sure go in the “take another look” pile if I was hiring.


I agree with all things that Jaineel said.

Overall it looks good, but I’ll put some quick thoughts down. Just a few things I think you could do to bring it to the next level.

Cover page: Industrial design is bigger than your name. Your name might be bold, but still could be finessed a bit more.

Resume: Putting resume on your resume is a pet peeve of mine. I know its a resume, don’t have to tell me. Also you cover page and other pages are on different grids and the right side blocks dont line up.

Timberland: Your inspiration story could be presented a bit stronger. Type treatment on this project could use some help.

Dental: Task analysis is convoluted. Too much stuff going on, dont be afraid to use white space. It allows you to control the viewers eye a bit better. Right now this project has a ton of visual clutter.

Chess: The form concept is also kinda hard to grasp. Could use better ideation. Not sure the figure drawings are helping in this project. Seems like you just grabbed sketches you did freshman year to fill the page. I think this project needs an over haul or I would just cut it.

Vans: Great project, still think your trying to cram to much on a page. Scale everything down and give it some breathing room.

2D Work: Would cut the skate tool out. Seems to fine arts in sketch style. Also I always had a rule about having cars in your portfolio. If your not 100% happy with them dont put them in, way to easy to spot a car with incorrect proportions.

Overall it’s a great start, just needs a bit more finesse to really stand out.

Hey guys, thanks a lot for the feedback!

I agree and appreciate all of the critique. I have found that I tend to exaggerate the type too much and it gets large on me sometimes. I also need to work on leaving some white space.

As far as the crit on the actual work I found these comments really helpful.

Emmanuel - Overall, Do you think it is worth adding a page or two to free up some of the clutter or should I simplify overall and get rid of some of the information? Or literally scale everything down? It seems to be a problem I am having and have had this comment before.

I agree with the chess set, I am working on the power tool right now and think I will replace the chess set first chance I get.

Thanks Again!

Jaineel - Thanks for all the comments! Especially about the type. I really think I need to work on that, and it is motivating and helpful to have some good critique.

Thanks everybody! If there is anything else anyone would like to add please do