Portolio - Design Research

Hello all. I have recently decided to change my portfolio around to apply for a design researching internship. Do you have any advice for what to include and what not to include. This is a very broad question so let me explain why I am asking. At my school, we do 6 week projects (4 year) and go through the entire design process. Every project I have started has an ending point with a ‘final prototype’. If I am interested in design researching, do you think the end point should be included or not?

Thank you for any advice!

I think it is important that you show your complete portfolio. It might feel disjointed otherwise and a potential employer might think that you did all this research, but have no idea what to do with it. Especially since you have finished projects.

As a design researcher, you will work within a team and even if your main task might not be the creative part, it is important that you show that you understand all parts in the process. All team members are connected and support each other.
I am not sure why you are hesitant to show your final prototypes, maybe you are not too confident in them but I still think its important.
Just post some projects here and it is easier to give advice.

You should have an example of every part of the design process, IMO it’s where alot of portfolios fall down. For instance was I gonig to employ a shoe designer, I’d want to see evidence that they could develop a last, a heel and write an outsole blueprint. Your portfolio is your visual resume so it should visually ‘list’ and show your skills.