Portland Oregon,,,,finding ID Communities or events.......

Having a very hard time finding Industrial Designers in this town…would love to interact and talk…events would be great to attend if there was any…and employment is pretty sour atm…any advice? …other than moving :frowning:

with Nike, Adidas, Columbia, Fiori, Ziba, and Freightliner in greater Portland there are a lot of designers around.

Try going to the Compound Gallery above Just Be toys this Thursday night around 9:00 ish. A ton of designers always show up for the openings there the first Thursday of every month. I won’t be there this month, other plans, but usually I make it.

Go to DWR in Pearl district, sometimes they have events. On one occasion they invited Richard Holbrook and other events. Just ask.

Also, anyone know of some good places in Seattle area?


yo is cool who is yo?..so interactive

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i heard portland is very hicktown/racist place… i think they have a significant KKK population there…


Might want to edit who you listen to.

YO, let me know the next time your going to be there. I’d like to meet you. We’ve both been in a recent magazine feature. I think I have your e-mail address so I can contact you that way if you prefer.

email me…

i was in a magazine?

Sorry for the confusion. I meant that it was a product feature. I’ll e-mail you. Thanks!


Is Portland a good place to live? I hear that the unemployment rate is high and parts of the city has significant poverty. How does it compare with Seattle? I too heard that Portland has a very ‘conservative’ attitude.

Not sure where guys are hearing all this from

How to describe Portland:

Good art scene, with some real stuff going on in addition to the normal overpriced yuppie stuff .

Good music scene (it’s kind of a natural stop between San Fran and Seattle, but the clubs and halls are smaller, so the shows are better IMO)

Decent mass transit

Compact city with lots of different places to live, from pricey high rise apartments, to converted warehous lofts, to ultra planned burbs around train lines (I live in the more Truman Show style burbs, it makes me laugh)

Super Liberal political bent in town, normal in the middle (to me), conservatives outside of town, hicky in the country (this is pretty much the same everywhere I’ve lived)

45 minutes from the ocean, 45 minutes to the mountains

Lots of outdoor nuts, lots of polar fleece, wool sock, birkenstock wardroabs

Some decent clubs and bars, not too many, but enough

Like everywhere, it is not for everybody, I’ve never been one to decide a job based on a city though.

Yo - And don’t forget Powell’s Book story (the vatican of used books)

good point, I’m not sure how you can paint any town as conservative that pickets the local indipendent bookseller for not having enough benifits for employees.