Portfolios of your recent hires

Hey guys,

I am interested in any of you hiring managers/lead/senior industrial designers showing me examples of your most recent hires and some of the work they showed you in an interview…if that’s not possible, a website would be cool too. I’m curious to see what you guys would consider to be a hire-worthy portfolio.

I think this could be a good place to aggregate some examples of good work.

Hi John,

It’s not a bad idea to look around to see where you stand but you probably should give us a bit more information regarding what you are looking for.
Somebody who gets hired at a furniture design studio might have a very different portfolio and skillset from someone who scored a job at a consultancy with transportation focus.

Can you position yourself a bit more?

In the meantime, I remember I started a thread a while back (when I was back on the market) about favorite portfolios with the same purpose as your question.
Have a look there. There is some pretty cool stuff: Favorite portfolios

No. It’s confidential.

Also, the portfolio only gets you the interview. Your fit gets you the job.

And at this point, the portfolio shows me 2 things. 1. How are your communication skills. 2. Do you have different ideas or are they variations of the same thing.

It would be unethical for hiring managers to do that, especially if the portfolio pieces are not publicly accessible.

That said, you can browse coroflot.com to see what types of portfolios award what types of design positions based on the information in members’ profiles.

Hey guys, as I said a portfolio website was more along the lines of what I was looking for. Knowing where people work is no secret and peoples’ portfolio websites aren’t either.

Hey bepster, I work at a consultancy as an industrial designer. Looking to get into either industrial design for wearables (both the high tech kind with a circuit board inside as well as things like regular old watches or eyewear), consumer electronics, or maybe even sporting goods.

A consultancy that focuses on all of these things would be cool too.

This is pretty much exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for this!

By the way, I understand that it’s important to have your own voice in design. I’m more interested in seeing the over-arching themes that hiring managers are interested in seeing. You also bring up a good point that there is a broad range of skill sets for various categories of industrial design, so I will try to keep that in mind when browsing these examples.

Thanks again!

Here are a few of the public portfolios of the guys I work with. Gives you a sense of the level. Both Jeremy and Cameron also post here from time to time.


This is enormously helpful. Thanks Yo.

not a problem. We are all pretty visual people, so it helps to see stuff.

Some of the interns and designers I helped to hire at frog:

Quinn Huffstetler: Behance
Andrew Kim: Pentax Si — Minimally Minimal
René Lee: http://renelee.net/category/portfolio/