portfolios and overseas travel

Hi, yes it is a portfolio question…
I live in New Zealand and am going on my OE to the UK in a couple of months. I really dont want to take my original works in my A3 folder, but have no idea how to make a website, and if this will even be an acceptable form of a portfolio? Do they need to see originals or can I produce some quirky miniture book, which can be transported easily? I just need some ideas as to what would be acceptable?


erm a3 isn’t that bulky really…look at those more guys doing art foundation with there giant A1 folders…now u can laugh at them while u stroll in with your compact A3.

But if you really want to cut down on stuff to carry and want to post stuff on the web, coroflot is a good option if u can’t do web site stuff …www.coroflot.com

if you think your current portfolio is too bulky for you to travel with, and you don’t want to make a website (which really won’t be enough for a proper interview), I’d suggest just making a “mini” version of your portfolio on letter sized paper. these you can print off yourself, and they fit in binder/notebook sized sheet holders.

im in the uk…about to leave…
u can’t get away with just a website.
if u can, do your portfolio a3.
im an ID type person…turned 3d visualiser…turned packaging designer.
competition is pretty tough. you’ll find out.
vigour and perserverence.
bring a laptop…

forgot to mention that im a kiwi as well.
gotta hit’em with both barrels.
there’s a lot of good people here.
if you’re ID, have ur sh£t together, big time.