I have nearly finished my portfolio…hey!!!
I can start looking for proper work now!!!
I am just wondering if the samples are good or bad??
criticism is always welcome!! constructive or not (i can take it…i am a big boy now)


these are not samples that are going to be sent to the design consultancies!!

The good: I like your sketches alot (I hope there are more). They show a good development of details. Your renderings are also very good.

The could be better: I would try to show a little more diversity with your Coroflot samples. It seems like you only had 1 project and then some renderings of existing products (not your designs). Also, add in your resume on there, because I’m sure that most people searching Coroflot are not going to contact you for that info, they are just going to skip you! (time is money)

Hi there fellow grad

I agree that your sketches are really good but im gonna have to say that the model of the microcar does not do many favours for the project. In fact, it detracts from the sketches and forces the viewer to focus on your weaker skills.

You have some great 3D CAD modelling skills. I would suggest remodelling your intended design in CAD. The design from sketches to model has not translated well and unfortunately, Nottingham Trent have not taught this well by the looks of it. To be honest no non-auto schools can.

If you want to get into the Automotive industry, it will have to be more defined.

I should know, im still in search of my dream job and i created a similar brief as you.

Hope this helps


I agree with the microcar issue. It jut doesn´t help…