Nice man, I’d like to see what some of those samples turned out like on some of the other renderings… That water shoe is pretty nuts. I like the crazy forms, it would be hot if it had one or two details from a traditional boat shoe, since those seem to be getting big again. Some bottom views would be cool to see too… Nice stuff man.

Dr. D

look’n nice. on the fathom and other water shoe would like to see a bottom view. also just another thing noticed, all works are either samples or computer renderings. would be nice to see some hand sketches a couple thumbs to go along with the comp renderings.

also maybe show more than 1 color way (maybe that would be too much…)?

new name?



hey guys…

i updated 2 of the shoes…i dont have any of my sketches scanned in at the moment and am too busy to do it now



Much nicer…

it would be cool if they where all the same size, with consistant logo placements, those sperry logos is are bite hugismo, if they are going to be that big, you might want to try lowerring the opacity on them so they are more ghosted in, or just make them small…

good advice on the logos…heres a better shot (i hope…dont have much time to put into this)


much better, you can make the physical size of the images bigger by saving for web in photoshop.

how do i do that? thanks

dr. D