Portfolio Websites - How do I get stared?

I have been fascinated with some of these portfolio websites. Can someone guide me in the right direction to make my own. How do I get started?

I use iWeb (though I started out with Rapidweaver) which is super easy (shocker). The stock templates are pretty boring, but you can blank them all out and start over making your own layout and buttons very easily.

To host it you can either get a .mac account for $100 a year which has a lot of features. I host through godaddy.com which gives you more features and bandwith power, but is a little more, but I will be moving my wife’s and my brother’s site into my hosing space there so it is worth it. It also comes with email and good phone support.

How can u add music, like a intro?

thanks yo, ill check that out…

I’d focus on the bones of it. People are there to look at your work, not to rock out… don’t interfere with people’s music. I’ve only ever seen ONE portfolio with music that was not completely annoying. http://www.brookbanham.com and Brook is pretty much a rockstar, so he can do whatever he wants.

no prob.

At first it was not annoying, but MY GOD there’s a lot of projects on that website. Too much to look at and such a short music-loop. I got sick of the ‘Let me do it to you’ lyric after about 10 minutes of looking around the site bopping my head :smiley:

My bands music rocks! http://www.j6studios.com. :smiley:

Siteground.com has a good hosting plan. You can install wordpress for a nice blog style portfolio. It’s pretty cheap and wordpress is easy to update.

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I use it for my blog/portfolio http://www.j6x2.com