Portfolio Website

Hi! I am graduating this may and I just completed my first portfolio website so that I can feature my work as well as hopefully get a job after the summer.


I was wondering if anyone could look at my site and give me honest opinions - I can’t really trust my friends. Also, any tips on getting a job? I’m moving to the Chicago area come fall and have already started looking for jobs there.

Thanks very much!

You have a really nice website… inviting. i like your layout, toned down colors and image selection. Great work but… I have the same issue with this as I have with most portfolio sites though. I want to be able to move through them easily and not have to keep going back to a page to see the next project. My ideal portfolio site is one where I can navigate right into the next image or be able to make another selection without having to go back. Call it a pet peeve… I don’t know.

You have some great photography and your graphic design work is clean. Didn’t really check everything out but nice work. Good luck in Chicago… hope you land with a great team.

thank you! my friends and family all say the same thing but it’s nice to hear that feedback from a professional like myself.

i agree, having to go back is annoying - that’s why i added the breadcrumbs at the top to try to make it easier. if it was database driven then i could have the “next project”/“previous project” links on there. but since it’s not, i’d have to change at least 3 files everytime i uploaded a new project.

so for the moment i’m stuck with this.