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Good evening core77,

For my final semester I’m now in a Portfolio & Professional Practice course, unfortunately being within the first class in the new INDD program we weren’t able to take this class sooner. Anyway, over the winter break I attempted to get ahead of the curve and do my own portfolio, resume, and website. I’d greatly appreciate feedback on one, if not all of the links below. There’s still some projects that are being worked on and I’ll let you know when I’ve updated this :slight_smile:

All kinds of feedback is appreciated, I’m posting this because I’m looking to better myself, not get a pat on the back - so please, critique away!

*edit - old news, links, etc…

Hey DK.

Your portfolio is missing a lot of key elements that will help you be considered for a junior position or an internship. It seems that none of the projects give a good direction as to why you did the project and how you came to your solution. To me, I would rather see a series of different pages that guide the story and not all on one singe page, this is too busy and I do not know where to start. Through the story telling of a series of pages show what the problem is, any research you have done, how many different concepts you generated including your rough sketches to your refined sketches/models and then your final product and how it is better than what is out there or how it fills the need.

A lot of places are going to want to see tons of sketching and a whole variation of ideas, this shows that you did not just develop the first concept you thought of.

As I am in the product field it seems to me that your portfolio is gear much more toward the product design world more-so than the transportation world. For what I have gathered, the transportation field is even more competitive and you really need to have a portfolio geared toward this.

Best of luck.

Thanks for the feedback Traftos,
I’ll look into converting this to a more chronological order of events for each project. I’ll focus on one project in this new format and update this thread soon.

You’re right, it is currently a very product design heavy portfolio so far because of the studios that are offered, but my senior thesis is 100% transportation design this semester. Though I’ve visited and talked with a graduate program I’m highly interested in, they don’t seem too worried if it’s focus isn’t 100% transportation, but they obviously want to see it (which it’s not there yet, and I see your concern) and what I’ve learned so far.

Thanks, basically the information I wanted to hear to move forward.