This was a project set by my university and thought I might as well put it live! Any thoughts or comments people have would be very much appreciated. This was the first time iv made a website so im a little sketchy on some of the more technical side of scripting etc

Anyway thanks to anyone who takes a look and I would appreciate any views you have!

Website: http://www.John-Hobson.com

Hi There

Just took a quick look, looks like its going well, few small spelling mistakes though :stuck_out_tongue:

Home Page
Welcome! My name is John Hobson, I am currently a first year student at Bournemouth University (UK) studying for a BSc Design Visualisation. After graduating Uni my goal is to become a designer of high end, proffessional sporting goods for the cycling industry. My design style is very much function lead but with a clean and modern aesthetic.

Before attending university I atteneded St. Johns School and Community College, Marlborough, where I studied at both GCSE and A-Level. During my final year of A-level I got the opportunity to join my enthusiasm for design and cycling together by d designing and developing a wooden bicycle which is currently on display at the school and was also featured on BicycleDesign Blog.

Hope it helps!


Your site looks very professional. I like it. I would put a contact page somewhere or a link where they can email you. If it’s there it’s not very noticeable.

I am in the process of putting a site together too. How did you put this together? I like it…

I think the middle for the bicycle looks a bit heavy, both visuallt and literally, especially right underneath the seat. Also, how much can you adjust the seat?

On a website technical note - I’d suggest to use separate thumbnail images for your design work. Make’s the page load smoother.