Portfolio Website to Review


I had posted this once before, but since there has been some changes since and there is now a forum for this I will do so again.

My personal portfolio website is: www.jl-id.com

I apologize for the slow loading time, I am trying to figure that out now. Thanks in advance.

I guess i’d like to see some sketches. However, good explanation through the exploded views. I didnt have any problems with loading time.

Where are the sketches? Subject mater and style is kind of bland.

I think the site is nice as far as navigation and layout. I think you need to show ideation sketches/models,renderings for at least two of those projects .Show us how you came to that final concept and why it was chosen over the others that you had worked on.

I’m sure you’ve heard this from others if you’re currently looking for work–you need to show more. More projects–and for each project, more sketches, photoshop renders, thoughts about design…

sometimes, when students present their portfolios, they’re very focused on the format it is presented in and not on the work. you’re not a grpahic designer, what you have is fine–don’t work on the format for another minute! Instead, if you’re looking for a job, enter design competitions and use those guidelines to generate quality thoughts about products. walk through target, pick a product you think sucks, and re-design it! Even if it’s just a form re-skin–show that you can do it.

more is better, and definitely not in 3D. 3D is a great development tool, but i would rather see sketches developed in conjunction with 3D, and then some nice orthographic renderings complemented with lineart storyboards that tell the product’s story.

make it fun, colorful, targeted at a specific market–clip out some inspiration images and show what you were thinking, take pictures of your desk–have fun!!! it will come across in your portfolio. This is the skill that designers have that other people cannot offer–creativity.