Portfolio website ID - designinabox.be

Dear all!

Please some constructing feedback on my portfolio website designinabox.be

Thanks in advance!


Hi Andreas!

The first thing I checked out was the sketching and marker rendering section. I’m not sure what this website is for- to get a job or whatnot, but the three sketches you showcase here are kind of underpar for the industry, specifically the third page showing the wobbly screwdriver looking tools. I would say practice, practice, practice! Also from the fact that these are single sketches, and not full pages of maybe 20+ drawings, a potential employer might think you don’t sketch very often or quickly enough to use it effectively in a real design situation. So get out those pens and start sketching everything you can, all day everyday as it’s a valuable skill in the world of Industrial Design. Also, sketches are not ever going to be perfect, keep it loose and quick and have fun. Here’s an example from idsketching.com Printed Dresses and Shoes - IdSketching Notice how loose it is but everything is in correct perspective and there’s development there. Keep practicing and you’ll get there!

Liking the dodecahedron project! Nice work on the process and cool final result. If you still have the model maybe show us a beautiful photo of it in a living room or something, that would be a really cool money shot that would sell the cool factor of your design.

Also just a comment on the website- it is nice and clean and I can immediately see all your projects and I also like the little process sub presentation slideshow box. Good work!

Keep it up!


Thanks for your comment. The main reason for my portfolio now is getting an internship.
I removed the sketching part and will include the exploration sketches inside the projects.

Great you like the dodecahedron project. I’ll make a picture of it in and environment! Thanks for the advice!


I have a question, why is your design work “in a box”?
Maybe this is a case of “lost in translation” but generally, especially when it comes to creative thinking, “in a box” has quite negative connotations, while “thinking outside the box” is a phrase used to describe creative problem solving and to find not always obvious solutions.
Or, I might be missing something clever here?

On another note, your English is not bad but if you have a chance, I’d let a native English speaker look over your writing on the page. It gives it another level of polish. For example, you wrote in the Innowiz project:

“…, developed by Howest University College in Kortrjik.”

What you probably meant to say is that it was developed during your studies there, not by the college itself.

These are details but often it comes down to those and they aren’t hard to fix.

Good luck on your internship search!


The domain name is one I’ve been using quite some years. You’re right that it has sometimes a negative connotation. I didn’t see it that way. Although I’m not really planning on changing it cause it’s fixed for a few more years. It was a name I came on during my previous studies.

The Innowiz tool has been developed by the college itself, so in this case the ‘by’ is correct :slight_smile:
I’ll rewrite some texts in the next two weeks and I’ll hand them to a native speaker for some correction, thanks for the advice!

What are for you the most important things for getting hired for an internship?

Thanks for the comments,

I like the site itself. Its simple yet has some transitions and its pleasant to browse. The work itself is great too, I was positively surprised. And agree with the guys ^, just a bit more attention to detail. Good luck!

Some content has been added. Also some of the comments have been taken into account. The texts will be corrected by a native speaker this afternoon.

Nice projects and a good layout!

Have you tried to see if your website works the same on a phone or tablet? I found that some of the companies I emailed my website to looked at my website through a mobile device. I wonder if it is a growing trend.

Yeah it’s a liquid HTML5 layout, works great on phones and tablet. Try to resize your window, it has the same effect!

Hello Andreas

You got a nice website layout and nice way to show 2 different slide shows in one. eg. slides + design process.

To get an internship, you need to show more sketching pages and different styles, which is are missing !
Try not to repeat lot of renders/photographs again and again, because its time consuming and telling the same thing. Try to pick the best view which explains your idea in few slides.
Why not to synthesis your text in few lines which tells the summary/brief of the project, then there could be place for more text to read if interested.

The desk lamp idea is really clever. Why not to think of different arrangements with different accessories, wall hanging, pendent lamp, floor lamp…

Goodluck !

Thanks for the comments!
I try to improve my sketching day by day. I know its important for my portfolio.

Good idea for the summary of the design. Ill incoporate It asap :slight_smile:

Any other suggestions to get a good internship?