Portfolio website help anyone?

I am currently trying to build myself a website… having tried moonfruit, i felt it looked very tacky and decided to try and learn with dreamweaver.

Ive looked on themeforest.net at pre designed templates to get something ‘professional looking’ but i was told i still need to know some basic code in dreamweaver? I couldn’t find a suitable template either that didn’t include flash which i don’t want to learn right now…

I would like something fairly clean and smart looking with a portfolio, about me, and contact section… possibly a blog! I’m really stuck, Ive just been playing around with some free templates using dreamweaver but i find it hard to add images in as i cant freely move them around… I really have little website building experience so i was hoping that somebody could give me some useful starter tips as i dont want to be spending weeks making a simple site.

Another question regarding the folio side of it… Is it best to show my portfolio projects like I would in my hard copy folio as A3 Presentation boards, or should I have a selection of images that describe my projects with seperate text?

Thank you

do a search here at core, as there’s been a lot of previous discussions of software, esp. for a simple site or blog format.

i’d go for a blog format. easy, no need to really code anything. mine below are all blog format with a bit of code tweak.


Check out doing a wordpress folio…

also take a look at mine… its a custom template and converted it to wordpress and coded in php… Time consuming Yes but wordpress is beyond worth it for ease of use after…

Thanks for the replies! Kershaw, I checked out your website and it looks very nice… I think I checked out your portfolio a few months ago when you had a slideshow website, I liked the layout in your design sheets.

When you say you converted it to wordpress, what do you mean exactly? Was it designed in photoshop? I was told to sign up to wordpress which i did but i’m not familiar with what it really is yet…

What is the first step i should take then? Buy a wordpress template?

Thank you

Hey Kershaw. Nice site, but I just wanted to let you know about a typo on the front page. Under the WHERE tab you misspelled the word brief.

Just a heads up.

Thanks, spelling isnt my strongest subject :slight_smile:

As far as the site is concerned It was a PSD and the was sliced and converted to a Wordpress theme… You don’t really need to sign up for wordpress just download it and install it to your server/domain from there you can download/create/buy different themes and customize them for your site.

First thing would be to purchase the domain and hosting, after that download and install worpdress on your server

Wordpress is very well documented and there are a ton of plugins to help make things easier here are some links to get you started:


Custom Theme (What I did):

Installing Themes:

Hope this helps

Thanks Kershaw, I really appreciate the help! I’m going away for a few weeks tomorrow for Christmas so as soon as I’m back I will start on the site.

I previously purchased a domain and hosting with moonfruit which unfortunately isnt compatible with wordpress i dont think so i will start fresh and properly with your advice when i return.

thanks again

Hi! Ive had two I really like…

I made my current website with Adobe Illustrator in PDF form and placed it on issuu…you can see mine its at :

Also…I used to have it at www.wix.com its almost like if flash had a powerpoint program…they have lots of great examples of websites

Both are free!

I would recommend Indexhibit. I recently used it to code my website. It is a no-fuss html/java/css website interface.
Very easy to maintain with lots of customization opportunities, given a little bit of coding experience.
I got turned on to it by the fact that 95% who uses it are professional art directors, artists and graphic designers.

oh and also, a super helpful forum!!
and it’s free as well.

Same here, lots of people on the boards have brought typos to my attention, side benefit of posting on the boards. It’s all about community man.

As R said, do a search, lots on this topic, I use iWeb. Totally idiot proof.

Thanks for the recent comments. Ive been spending the last week or so on the website. I had a friend who put together a basic template and has shown me some basics. So i’m using photoshop and dreamweaver. It’s not complete yet, got to put the rest of my folio stuff up and sort through it properly.

my site is www.waddydesign.com

I would really appreciate any feedback so I can improve on it. The only page I particularly like is the main portfolio page with the rollovers. I’m not sure on colours, or the layout of individual projects. Maybe i should keep things in columns with visible lines as its quite “open”?

Eventually it may be better to have my main images in a small flash slide show at the top. Then to have the not so nice to look at stuff towards the bottom, such as research.

Keep it simple and focus on the content. Right now I’m just not seeing a lot of product design content. I love the idea behind Relaxercise project, but lets see some process. How about 20 aesthetic variations showing how it could fit into different home decors, photos of it inside apartments, show us the process of how you got to those exercises. The proto you built is a great study model, but it doesn’t feel like a final design.

from what you have it looks like you have a unique way of looking at things, focus on highlighting that and the site will fall into place.

Thank you for your feedback Yo. Having done a 3D Design for Sustainability course, I think it teaches the students a slightly different approach than an Industrial or Product Design course, although i’m sure their quite similar. Personally, I don’t want to design something that looks awesome if the product isnt particularly benefiting somebody, and helping them in some way.

The Relaxercise and Visualift projects were both based on heavy research, and maybe I spent too much time on the research. But I wanted to design something for a real problem. I do have a lot of sketchbook work on both projects, and even some CAD development as an alternative to sketching! However, these are not presentation standard and were simply quick rough ideation sketches, model making, and testing etc… So do you think it would be worth re-creating these crucial process parts to a presentation standard. Or would it be fine putting them in as they are? When more of my work is uploaded I will try to include other parts of my skills such as sketching, and CAD.

You say I have a unique way of looking at things… Is this a good or bad thing?

I really appreciate your feedback, thank you


It’s a great thing, as long as you can translate that into products people want. The goal is always to make things that serve a purpose… but they never get to serve that purpose if people don’t buy them. and people buy what they desire, and they desire what looks good… see where I’m going? It has to both be functional and have an emotional connection.