Portfolio/website feedback

I want to get some feedback on my portfolio content/website layout.
The site features portions of my full portfolio.

Please be critical.


I really liked your site. I thought that it was clean and easy to navigate. There were a couple of links that I wanted to see.

The first was in the portfolio. After you enter into your portfolio, I love beign able to scroll through and see detailed images of your process; great sketches, renderings and images of physical models. There were times when I wanted to get back to the main portfolio page to enter other projects, but it seemed as though the portfolio link wasn’t hot after you enter the portfolio. I needed to enter a seperate section of your site (contact, resume, etc.) to then reenter your portfolio to select a speific project.

The second was on your contact page, your gmail address is highlighted, indicating that it is a link to contact you, but it isn’t, it is simply a different color. I would make it an actual link.

Those are my two comments for improvement. They were probably originally intended, but overlooked. There may even be a few other missed links. You may want to run through the entire site and correct any awkward links. Other than that, I really liked it. Smooth, simple, easy to digest. I even appreciate the inclusion of the illustrator and photoshop tutorials.

Oh yeah, one more thing that you may want to consider adding to your portfolio projects is an entry page as you first enter a project. It would be nice to kick off each project with imagery from throughout the entire process, or simply final imagery, and an overview to introduce the viewer to the project. This could be especially important since you can currently scroll though a project an straight into the next project. At first I was confused when I scrolled through the special needs project and straight into the ring driver project. I thought it was the same project. You could add a project intro page or stop the scroll at the end of each project and direct them back to the main portfolio page.

That’s my 2 bits worth.

You are right on all of those points and I intend to change them.
I appreciate the input.