Portfolio Website - Feedback please!

Hey, I’ve spent the last week building my website and re-doing the presentation of my projects for a portfolio website.

Would be great if you could give me some feedback on my work and the site in general.


Thanks in advance !

I’m not sure if anyone else had a problem with this, but the images wouldn’t load. I waited a couple minutes. I’m not having problems with any other websites. Just wanted to let you know.

Oh really ?
Sorry to hear that, I just checked it on a couple of other computers and browsers and it all seems ok here.
Dont know what the issue is :confused:

No issues for me regarding images, everything loads up fine.

I’m assuming that this is for Internships?

Regarding the website. It’s clean and easy to navigate, so job done there.

It’s well presented for a second year, and tbh better presented than most finalists. I tend to think the US style ,vertical scrolling project is under used here in the UK. Project wise Zest is by far the most interesting of projects currently shown.

The following is super critical and it’s worth saying that the presentation is a damn site better than when I was in the second year so don’t take this too personally. Hopefully it will give you an idea how to dial it up a notch.

Main point is your other projects, bar zest, just didn’t grab me in terms of meatiness.

The other big thing that let my interest fade, and this maybe down to it being a new website is skillset. Two thing’s jump out, form development and no sketches… the one sketch page that was shown was lacking. The majority of visuals are all front on PS. I have no idea what internship your aiming for (or if you have one) whether it’s the PDD, KD ,SP Priestman Goode route. If it is the consultancy route (which I’m in) our interns are used for… sketching, ideas, photoshop sketches and CAD work. All of which is for brands so they need to have an understanding of how to generate ideas towards a brand language. Also I’m curious as to no physical prototypes or working rig’s, I know Brunel are super hot at that so I was expecting to see some working rigs and low fidelity models. Lastly CV lacking some detail for some HR people. What were your GCSE and A level grades and have you had any work experience? Even if it’s working for Tesco’s if your going for your first design job it’s worth showing that you can actually work in a professional environment. Also no written address or contact telephone number (yes snail mail is still used). Personally not a fan of the S x CV what does S x mean? Simple name would suffice, make it easy for the person who is flicking through lots of CV’s.

The presentation is good and it stands out above the majority of second years, match that with showing more of the skillset and you’ll be a extremely strong contender.

Best of luck!

Hey clam, Thank you so much for your reply its exactly what I needed.

Yes this is for internships, Trying to get everything together and polished before I send it off.

I was torn when making those project layouts as to how much of the actual design work process to include.
I have loads of rapid-prototype models, sketches, testing photos and research. But found it really hard to include them without it getting a bit long-winded and messy.
I guess I took the easier option and just made them product presentations. But I agree, i dont think the layouts really do justice to the amount of work that went into each project.

As for the CV I was unsure how many personal details I wanted to throw up on the internet (phone/address), I have a copy of the CV with those elements included, do you think I should have it on my site or wait for people to ask for it via email ?

The x was just a spacing element like - haha, I can remove it and should probably put my name somewhere on the page.

Thanks again for taking the time to check it out, loads of great advice !

If you have those elements (written adress and mobile number) in a printed CV great. Anything you send out to companies definately have it included. If it is just sitting up on a website I can understand not having those details on there.

I think clam had some great points.

Again, great work for a second year, but for a second year who is figuring it all out, I would expect to see a lot less polish and a lot more experimentation and higher level of volume. The projects started to feel a bit formulaic and stiff without much exploration. Also there seems to be more emphasis on the info graphics than on the actual design. Lets see all those steps in between the little line drawing and the final render. Celebrate the process.

Thanks Yo,

Yeah I pretty much forgot to record the process and dont have any of the prototypes or models anymore. So im left with a few renders for rushed projects… Im hoping to do some better personal projects this summer, but unfortunately now I dont have access to any of the resources I did when I was back on campus.

Learnt my lesson now though, will tie a point-n-shoot to my wrist for the next project.

nice :wink:

FYI: your pill container is very similar to this… not calling you out, just thought you should be aware

Just looking at that particular project, the difference between yours and the Sabi is the level of refinement in the form - you could have pushed it further, and its the kind of project that I could see many other shapes working out well (like other Sabi products).

PS. in the costings at the bottom of that page, there are also line items for electronics that seem like a mistake.

Fullscreen capture 16062012 122012.bmp-001.jpg

Thanks, Travisimo
Yeah it is very similar unfortunately, I had already done the sketching and solidworks model before the Sabi line came out, but I cant really write that on the project.

Do you think I should pull it from my portfolio ?
Its not really worth having it in there if people are going to see it and think I copied Sabi…

I have a single image and description of each of my projects in the portfolio im sending out, and I ask the viewer to visit my website for the full projects.

Is this too much to ask ?

I dont want to cram my layouts into A4 pages, but I also dont want people to not bother to click the link and see my website…

I’d assume that they will not got to your website to learn more.

Yeah thought so, Thanks Yo, Ill re-do them and put them in.