Portfolio Website Critique

alot of glitches and bugs here and there from browser to browser…looks best on a mac in IE though. say what you want…everyones entitled to their own opinion.


ski ya later.

The illustration of you on the home page is just plain scary and wierd, follow that up with the “about me” page and the image of you seemingly naked in the bathtub with your dog, the third person description of yourself and I think that most people will bail out of your site before they even get to your work.

Yep, totally agree, the bathtub pic - I thought I’d stumbled upon quite different site!

Re: the work, well I like the style but can’t help thinking I’ve seen it somewhere before, esp the ‘Who Farted?’ t-shirt. I’d consider scrapping some of the weaker stuff like the ‘Leddy’s BBQ pit’ and ‘Cheep Sheep’. Also consider arranging the work samples in some sort of order, be it chronological or by type.

Anyway, keep it up!


Hate to be the bearer of awful news but the way you built your website conflicts with the majority of browsers with pop up blocking.

sorry. I ran into this issue awhile back too.

Joe Maguire

thanks for the comments everyone. time to take some time and try to fix this thing.


As someone who does freelance webdesign fairly often i can tell you that you need to ditch the tables and go to a CSS layout. It will give you more control over your graphics and you will spend far less time coding things.

I did a portfolio site recently for a friend entirely in CSS and oh good lord did it make my life easier.

check out csszengarden.com for info if you aren’t familiar with the ins and outs of how to use CSS.