Portfolio w/ lots of sketches


First off I would like to say that you have some good stuff in there… Your technique is good and sketches are excellent. I really like your renderings… were they all done in PS?

The only thing that I would say is that your diagrams get a little weak to demonstrate the use of the shoe towards the end… pages 32 and 33

Other than that I like what I saw. :smiley:

Hey x0,

I too like the sketches and renderings! Good stuff. The design exploration is really interesting on the espresso machine, and the opportunity insight on the tri running shoe is excellent. Great start, I wouldn’t worry too much about not having enough to show, but that’s not saying don’t put up more! Again good stuff.

I did find the scroll through the PDF thing a little annoying. I think your work will have most people looking though it, but think of the busy manager, going through 10s or hundreds or folios in a day, getting bored frustrated and annoyed, then gets to you and… well you get the idea. likely scenario? maybe not but design the portfolio experience too! make the teaser images online fit the screen width and height without resizing, and save some stuff for the print folio to take to the interview.

I would like to see an aesthetic board for the coffee machine. why does that look appeal to your user? What other themes trends are you playing off of? Without that it might seem you just sketched until you found a cool form. Prove your design will fly off the shelves to the stuffed shirts.

On the Tri shoe, make the transition storyboard stand out more! I missed it the first time and as cyclist myself was left thinking the CF plate just slipped out the front ala toe clips. Maybe it helps if you show the cyclist pedaling the circle as its called. If you don’t know, (but I think you do!) thats where force is applied in all 360 deg of the pedal stroke. many non cyclists may not realize the cyclist pulls up on the upstroke too.

Take heart! the fact that I had to be that knit picky to give what I hope is constructive crit shows the strength of what you already have! good luck