portfolio upload // mu first web site...

this is my new portfolio online and my first web site either after a few months of dreamweaver… please,take a look and tell what ya think…
thank you in advance.

hector del campo

I still can’t get it to work from the other day. There are some serious load issues or broken links. It gets stuck on one or two images then that’s it. Nothing else… it’s like it freezes up… no matter what buttons I click. Either your images need to be smaller in size or you need some preloader so people know what’s going on. The overall look and feel is pretty cool but it’s the navigation that i don’t get. maybe it’s a personal issue on my part. Could be a good start.

Also, lose the pop-up happy service provider. Maybe fork out a few bucks for a more professional provider.

every time i click… full page popup! it’s like a game really, like hitting moles at chuck E cheese’s. Also, I couldn’t get any content to show up.

Hector - no contento!! :cry: