Portfolio Updated!

I recently updated my portfolio and was wondering if someone out there would look at it and tell me what they think…My project variety is limited right now, but by the time I graduate I should have a more diverse portfolio. I’d like to put in some electronic projects, (because I’d like to move to Texas after graduation and Dell, HP, Frog are there), but where my school is located it is mainly kitchen, tools, garden equipment because of the companies that are in wisconsin/illinois…

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Could anybody please comment. I’ve never had anyone comment on my portfolio on core and I think it would be very beneficial. Thank you for your time.

hello william, you know me :wink: but this is new work so I’ll give you some feedback.

Cutting Tool: Probably your strongest project, good analysis of competition, touch on use and function (it’s hard to innovate a scissors, right?) Your sketches are strong and the 2D PS renders are good as well. Your technical skills are well represented. I think that where I would critique is a lack of attention to the fiskars visual brand language, which may be assumed, but is still a strong aspect of all fiskars products. They have a very clean, simple, european sensibility from a styling perspective and I think the small grips around the pivot point detract from this. I think you know what “fiskars style” is, but you deviated and didn’t justify it. Very minor, but something to think about. I think the multi-tool could come across as a little gimmicky, but it’s not… hmm, maybe it’s the pencil holder, one too many features? I’m unsure on this.

Garden Cart: Also a strong project, unfortunately the same brand but a different enough product category. Your research info-graphics are well done and your conclusions are logical. It’s good to see pink-foam mockups and some process-level sketches. This one, is a little awkward aesthetically, but not at all bad. I like the dimpled roller, I wish the dimples were staggered (so if connected by lines, they made hexagons instead of squares). The large roller is going to be a greater cost that two phat wheels. It would be great to justify it by building in a feature (fill with water for extra stability or earth compacting function)

Overall, the presentation is well done with sensible page layouts that communicate clearly. Clearly documented and an obvious understanding of process. You present yourself as a very organized individual (are you? :slight_smile: You didn’t attempt anything radical or overly designy which would only detract from the projects. They are easy to read and feel “complete” I’m sure you are working on more but two more projects in different areas would hit the sweet spot. Great job!

Hey thanks for the very in depth critique. How do I know you though?

I understand your point on the grips of the cutting tool. Those were placed there because this tool is meant to be in the shop, so I felt a little rugged look somewhere could be added, but not too much. When holding the model they also allow you to keep in mind where your hands are, safety issue.

On the garden cart, the styling was pushed to stand out from the other products out there, but also stay within the Fiskars brand language. As for the wheel, yes it does cost more, but sometimes investing a little more money for a different look can increase the number of sales for the product.

I’d would very much like to add different projects to my portfolio later on. It seems that the midwest is all about appliances, medical, power tools/garden tools…I think a electronic product would help broaden things, which I might do for my senior project. Hopefully through my internships my portfolio will be more diverse.

I appreciate your comments, and yes, I am a very organized person haha.