portfolio - updated in blog format

just finished giving a quick redo to my company portfolio/site. im using a modified blogger template format (hand hacked by trial and error) and found some nice flash embedded apps to run image slideshows from flickr.

would appreciate any feedback.

given the simplicity of the blog format, id highly recommend it to others looking for a quick way to put together a portfolio. easy to update, free, customizable.


Not sure if you can help it, but when you click on a lower “entry” It takes away the options for the ones above. Example clicking on Press gets rid of development.

Your header is pressed against the browser side, not sure if thats your desired effect. But its a bit awkward. At least in Camino it is.

Clicking the circle radar thing brings it up in a new window. May want to fix that.

Dude, real nice! As usual, great, clean graphics and presentation. Nice content work. I like the header hitting the left side, though I also clicked on the radar pie chart expecting something.

thanks for the replies. i removed the link from the radar graph to a new window. it will link to something later when i get up more of the content.

i also see the problem Sain mentioned about the posts “disappearing” from the right TOC when you click on an earlier post. unfortunately its a product of the blog format (going to an earlier post takes you “back in time” before later posts existed". Think i should be able to find a work around for it.

the large logo title should be flush with the left side, but the text underneath should be aligned with the main column. ive checked it in safari and firefox and seems to look OK, but i will run a check in camino, IE and some other browsers to see whats up.

are the image slideshows working ok for everyone?

also, not sure if its obvious, but clicking on the “Read More!” link below each post should also take you to a full post page with more text. anyone catch that? i was concerned the links arent obvious enough…may redo the post navigation.

any other comments would be greatly appreciated layout/navigation/content-wise.


Slideshows work great, I did not notice the read more until you pointed it out, maybe brining attention it somehow.

Another suggestion maybe bigger text in general?

Yup, the slide shows worked very well.

I noticed the red more on the first pass, but maybe because you mentioned it was a blog format and that is pretty standard on blogs. Coming to the site, not knowing that, I might have over looked it.

good point. will work on making the “read more” link more apparent/visible.

as for the text size, 1 running safari on a 15" powerbook at 1440 x 960. i know its on the small side. is it too tiny for a larger monitor at full rez? of course i can easily fix that, i just personally have a thing against huge fonts, but of course dont want to affect readability/legibility.


I missed “Read More!” as well. I find the “Read more” and the title of the next article being the same blue colour compete with each other and some how the title of the article wins the attention, possibly because the articles are numbered. Maybe it’s just me though!

P.S. the website looks very good. I have heard from different people/clients that sometimes they hate having to go through multiple pages of the website just to see range of work for someone’s portfolio. The blog format seems to resolve that issue as you just end up scrolling up and down.

Just did a quick update. Refreshed a bit of the layout and added in some different images from my Studio Overview PDF and Sketch Portfolio using a nifty flickr slideshow plugin, pictobrowser.

comments greatly appreciated.

still to be done on this update is changing some of the content text. I’m aware that in some areas if you click the “read more” link, there isn’t always more to read. it will be fixed…


PS. also have revised a while back but not sure if i mentioned it here, my personal CV site, http://www.rkuchinsky.com/ and First Pullover http://www.firstpullover.com/ to all now match layouts and have cross linked logos across the sites.

Another update to my personal portfolio site

changed a bit of the formating, and added a pictobrowser flash slideshow of a new comprehensive portfolio. the idea is to really give a tease of the portfolio content after which I follow-up with a full PDF portfolio by email.

comments welcome.


Love it.

You have an awesome portfolio man

Love it, i love the way it is not graphically overboard, all flows well and the work is brilliant to me it’s a a great blend of a company and personal portfolio if you understand where i’m comming from.

Your First Pullover logo turned out nicely.