Portfolio Update *Crit*


I posted my portfolio website here earlier, I made some changes based on the feedback I have gotten from the forum and others. If i could get a crit on the updates I made to my portfolio I would greatly appreciate it.



Hello Robert, is there any specific aspect of the portfolio that you are hoping to get feedback on, the portfolio layout, the sketches, the development of the projects or the ideas explored?

I have to first say that I am not familiar with your portfolio’s previous version. This latest version is easy to understand and reads well. I also appreciate how you have tried to capture highlights of the entire development process rather than just a final rendering.

The portfolio shows that you are capable. You show a good sketch exploration and some nice refined sketches. Some of the sketches seem a little over-worked, so I might point to that as an area for improvement, but overall they are nice. You have examples of physical models and prototypes and have been able to show some nice 3D models and renderings.

I am not sure why but I seemed to get hung up on the ideas that were explored. Maybe I am thinking to critically about the thoughts and ideas,but it seemed strange to develop a large, seemingly over-sized, frame for a backpack to prevent the user from perspiring. Is there any way that the frame could be better integrated into the backpack so it isn’t so heavily emphasized? Does it have to be a frame ? The perspective sketch of the backpack on the “content” page is one of your best. It is strange that sketch is not also included in the project section. Try including it in the development pages for the backpack, maybe even consider doing a range of concept options at that level of refinement with different CMF. I also struggled with the coffee maker. There are coffee makers on the market that store, grind and brew beans. With that in mind, your coffee solution seemed to lack innovation. I also struggled with the ice retrieval system and how exactly it worked. Your process went from rough sketches to a final solution and seemed to skip over the opportunity to show some nice refined thoughts before you finalized the concept.

Overall there is some very good work in your portfolio, with opportunity to grow and improve.

I second Architecture’s assessment. I think you could dial back a little on some of the sketches and they would pop more, but other than that I see a solid foundation here. I think the form work and detailing on the coffee maker could be more refined and sophisticated.