Portfolio too bad for getting a job?

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Your work isn’t bad.
But all you’re showing is mostly the final product.
Other people that chime in to this will probably say something like ‘you need to tell a story’ and you do.
What is that story? Show the story of how you arrived at these end products. Show early concepts/sketches/prototypes in an organized way to show what worked & what didn’t. Show your thinking. You did a little bit of that with the scooter but I find my self wanting more details about what I’m seeing.

Good luck in your job hunt,

Hi Melanie

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I’m just giving your portfolio a quick glance through on my phone while on an airplane. I say this because you never know where a hiring manager will be when they look at your work so it helps if your slides are geared for easy viewing and absorption. You have some good graphic design skills and color sense and that is a great asset when making a portfolio.

For me your portfolio was missing 3 things:

  1. expanded process. Show me in a visually impact illy way how you developed an idea. The insights that lead you to a solution. Who the solution is intended and what is the problem it is solving.
  2. sketching. You need to show much more of it and in the projects not isolated out.
  3. complex surfacing. It could be because I was on my phone but I didn’t see anything in the way of complex surfacing and form work. Not overly detailed mind you, but I look for things like curvature continuous surfaces.

All these things are easy to fix and asking for input is a great way to get insight on what to work on.

Melanie, quick forum etiquette tip, never double post. I merged the topic you started in employment with this one in portfolios.

@ rbid: thank you very much for your advice. That’s a little bit kind of the problem, our profs didn’t ask us to do mock- ups or focus on sketching. During my abroad studies for one semester at another university it was way different. But I also think that it is very important, maybe I can do some sketching and mock- ups afterwards…

@ yo: Thank you very much for your advice, I will work on my portfolio again and consider these points. Also it was motivating to hear about the good aspects of my portfolio, thank you :slight_smile:

After posting this post in “employment” I saw that there was also the topic “portfolio”, which suits a little bit better to the topic of the post. That’s why I double posted it, but you are right :slight_smile: