Portfolio to show process or just end result?

I would never interview anyone without seeing process.

Obviously I second that!! You portfolio is supposed to tell a story and show us how you think. This cannot be done with out process. A final product means nothing to me when I am looking at portfolios.

What’s a discussion board without a good revival? :slight_smile:

The consensus indicates that you all prefer to see the entire process in a Coroflot portfolio (or any other online presence), but I was curious: Would you then expect to see more at the interview, face to face? Or would it be merely an opportunity to show the portfolio all over again and gain an insight into the designer and his personality?

Thank you!

Thanks for digging this one up, as I am sure many are wondering about the same thing.

I am very surprised by this statement. And a bit confused, to be honest.

Obviously the journey is important and a successful showing of how one got from A ( for example brief or inspiration) to B (final deliverable).
However, is it not as important that the applicant was able to turn all that research and process into something of value and can successfully present it?

In my opinion A and B are just as important as how somebody got from one to the other. A bit like a three legged stool where were you to remove any of the legs, it won’t hold up.


Nice to see you again! I prefer to search first on the forums before I post. I think it’s way better than posting a new question if it has been discussed already; better to supplement than create from scratch. (thankfully that does not apply to design… or does it? ) :slight_smile:

I just asked because I worried that possibly an employer might be let down if he/she has seen it all online and nothing new to show in person. But then again, nothing beats showing, explaining, in my own words, my “process” in person versus just merely seeing it online with no context from the designer.

I do want potential employers to not assume I have no concept of process, which I do, so maybe it’s better to just show it all?