Portfolio Tips

I am seeking comments and sugestions to improve my portfolio


you’ll get no replies because the lazy bastards here won’t bother copy and pasting your link as I reluctantly have done, while sighing. haha.

here, I’ve done for the others:


the golf club is a nice rendering, but however it looks a little unrefined. maybe someone with a better bag of BS designy descriptive words and phrases can pinpoint it, but I can;t seem to right now.

The second one, boat motors? nice rendering, but hard to see, and have no idea what the story is. all your pages are missing descriptions. were you a render monkey to render it with NO design responsiblities? were you just the one to graphically arrange it after the designers and renderers passed it over to you? who knows.

the cartoony character rendering, nice but again, no idea what the story is. throw in some smaller “boxes” of images and thumbnails, put in a box of text, even if its just a few word blurb. show SKETCHES (none of them show any).

ID isn’t a drawing class. or a CAD class. from what’s there now, it looks like you’re just showing us that you can draw and render. So what? there are 5 million unbelievable “artists” on every block in every neighborhood.
Show your process, sketches, the STORY.

Again the last one, nice rendering, no idea what it is or what you are telling us.

I agree with what’s being said. In addition, I’d be careful in putting golf club designs unless it’s been produced. Golf clubs have extremely stringent standards of what can be done and what cannot. Just a tiny bit off here and your club is disqualified from being used. So you may need to do more convincing before others actually belive it is a viable club design (is it?).

:slight_smile: cheers! you have good technical skills!

Hey man. Good stuff. your skills are showing through.

Check this guy’s folio out:

I think he is showing some great skills, while eluding to some real thinking underneath (without really showing it). Of course he has a truck load of experience.

See, you can say it without a lot of BS.

i don’t think that is a great example…of an ID portfolio.
he seems like he’d be a good graphics employee.
there’s about a dozen projects shown with zero process, development, or thought-process sketches. even the ones labeled “sketches” aren’t real sketches. they look more like finished illustrations. do we know he can freely sketch with a pen and his hand?

each page has 3-5 projects EACH, i think if he put one projects (ie. first backpack) and for the rest of the page had various other elements of that project it would have been leaps and bounds better than just “listing” pretty renderings as if it’s a photographer’s slide show. but on the other hand, it seems like he’s only listing concept works that only went as far as CAD, and showing no products that actually made it.

for our friend here, i think there are better examples on corolio.

I think that is pretty far off. His skills are pretty representative of what I’ve seen of European designers. It is just a polished sample set rather than an in depth portfolio, exactly what a corfolio should be.

post an example of what you’re talking about. I could be way off base too.

just plucked the nearest one…

i don’t agree a corefolio “should” be a sampler of one shot, one angle, no description thumbnail image. (in the one you picked, can you even tell if ALL of those examples are his designs? i can totally see that as a CAD renderer’s portfolio as well)

it should be a sampler of your ID skills, which is so much more than a one rendering. seriously, what can you get out of the series of those CAD shots of those bucket-like things and bench-like concepts? especially from 4 years of experience? (hope he’s not reading this haha)

this one i posted, it has some MEAT. even if some don’t show sketches, it shows what’s going on, it has CONTEXT, ie, hanger and how it is assembled, with actual real photos of it in use. and the baby stand (altho looks dangerous), also shows how it works and collapses. the other three, not TOO sure whats going on, but it has tremendously more weight and dimension than one object left alone in a dessert of white background. expecially if most of them seem like they never even gotten to sketch model phase, if they did, again, no trace of it. a number of them look like anyone can do it in a day and claim it was a project. with no research, back up data, development evidence, sketches, models, final model, actual product on shelves.

it shouldn’t be either or, of two opposite extremes.

The one you posted looks very average to me, no offense. Nothing stands out. Fist slide, CAD model of something, no process, second slide mediocore sketches of dated forms for something or other, hanger BFD, bad layout of a dangerous baby chair, and some other thing. There is just nothing memerable. Most notable thing is a clothes hanger.

It has a lot of meat, like the value bucket at KFC.

The one I picked is fillet minion, not a big portion but beautiful, packed with things I would want to know more about.

Not trying to pick a fght, just pointing out what a recruiter’s take might be. You’ve got to go beyond basic skills in a competitive market.

again, you’re forgetting why i posted that one, i didnt actually scour the folios and pick that as my “choice” for top folio. compare the format.

if you reread what we were initially discussing, you’ll remind yourself that its not guy#1 vs guy#2 in a design duel. its the format and material presentation. you’d agree if the first guy had all his projects in a manner of the second guy. with other “shots” and more sketches, and descriptions. anyone can non-photoreal render buckets and post one shot image on a white background and shove it in front of people and say, “discuss for me.”

also, 80% of his work is a simple elementary CAD model that’s been strategically multiplied and put in different colors, the lounges, buckets, vest looking thing, you got to be kidding if you’re saying, that ruffles your creative feathers and you want to “know more about.”

remember this kid’s folio is all student project also, without the 4 years the deisgn master folio has, and what is so memorable? the 2D vest that looks more like its from a CAD tutorial? (actually a majority of them look like tut exercises), the karim rashid picnic table? the out-of-place photo real attempt hardshell backpack? the sketches of random objects that do not look llike any product at all, or the same blobby looking chair sketches sketched over and over, again looking as if its been copy and pasted to fill up more meat? and lets not forget the graphic design illustrations with arrows and icons. yes, honestly, as a recruiter, for an >>>>ID<<<<<< position, what’s memorable?

at least this less than 1 year experienced STUDENT shows much more depth in thinking about people’s needs, products, marketability, and assembly. he’s mind is exploring multiple elements and dimensions that come with product design, not merely rendering.