Portfolio this and that..

Hi,I new here. This is my web portfolio http://www.pokedesign.com.
Its all in Flash at the moment.Do you think it would be a good idea to have a html option also?
I’ve been asked for some prints via e-mail, how much should I be charging?

Wow it looks like you put alot of time in to this, and I think it pays off. It definately shows off your unique style, and your transitions are very clean. The work itself is also very impressive. You’ve definately put some hard work and hours into your penmenship.

Very nice site! I agree with all the above comments. Only one little thing about the navigation is that I initially had problems finding the information button. Maybe put this button towards the lower half? Although it may mess up the overall visual balance.

As far as the prints go…if you want to sell a bunch…I would think that $3-$5 for a small print…$10-$12 for med. print and $20-$25 for large.

If your only looking to sell a few than I would suggest $100-$120 and provide the buyer with a full print mounted along with a digital copy.

My two bits…great site!