Portfolio Text

How does one go about explaining project, beyond just drawings? I’ve been told not to use too much text in a portfolio because no one will read it anyway. Is this true? How much is too much? Is is better to have one chunk of text per page or captions for each image that needs it? Also, how much research should be portrayed in a porfolio? I know graphs and charts are helpful, but it really comes down to a lot of text.

enough text to explain things.

use minimal text for titles, general description, direction, stage/phase, etc.
use extended text for designs that require more info.

best way is to:

a- divide your folio page into almost equal sections.

b- show the object in few perspective shots, if you have functional derivatives just add text, and to explain more do segment shots (ie could be in drawing form or could have some definition like color, shade, etc)

c- if you have charts (ie, material comparison, structural, speed, performance, durability, cost,etc) put it below everything with required text.

d- when you arrange try to make the text fit visually so it won’t distract the viewer rather help visualizing the process or intent.

e- choose a font that fits the style of presentation.

f- the larger your page/sheet the better your text. that’s why A0 is great.


whats 2fast 4 bmw?

1988 325ix coupe

i have already explained this on another thread a while back.

it was an aerodynamic design for f1 bmw which made the car go too fast and it couldn’t do quick turns because the engineering, either wasn’t figured out, or was limited by regulations, or both.

i think it was both because it would take a while to develop such a system plus current regulations (trying to make it fair for smaller teams) don’t allow ultra radical designs which might make competitions unfair. anyway i think it would take bmw atleast 5-15 years to develop such a system depending on how accurate they want it to perform.

hopefully we didn’t hijack the thread here!