portfolio site

recently updated my website. I would love to hear what you think


remember everytime you critique a portfolio site an angel gets its wings

CONTENT, you’ve graduated, there should be a lot more work here, I’m sure you have it, so put it in. Each project has only one page, there should be 2 or 3 for each, expand on the projects if you have to. It would take a couple of hours to build the UV seat in a 3D prog. then you have unlimited angles and details you could render, and you could add another color study, then you have 3 pages for that project.

The childs high chair, same thing, build it, pay attention to some of the details and zoom in on em’, you’ve done a good job with the structure now design and build the angle adjuster, then maybe have some more fun with the color study, maybe some fun patterns (cow print is hot!!)

The shoe project leaves me wanting a lot more, do a PS rendering or a few more renderings at different views. This project also needs some more time spent on graphics

Some technical stuff: make it so we don’t have to scroll down when viewing the work, NEVER!! stretch your text, or if you do, it should be just a little, and uniform (you have some stretched text, and some regular), I had this problem too, talk to a graphic designer, it’s a major no-no.

Keep improving, it’s simple to get more content here, put in some time :smiley:
good luck!!

thanks for the feed back
the streched text is left over from my old website and im eliminating it as i rebuild each individual page.
as for the more content : i left alot out because i want to show details at an interview but i guess i have left to much out.
any way thanks for the feed back and im going to start working your advice into my site.

oh and by the way ive heard you mention cowprint several times in other posts…I to am a fan of the cow print

cow print is definately HOT :laughing:
that’s funny.

It’s a joke at the office, came from one of my product design projects in school (you can see it on my corefolio) and it’s kinda become a thing.