Portfolio site from graduating student in Singapore


I am set to graduate in about 6 months time and it would be great if you guys can give me some advice regarding my newly set-up website - http://www.fungkwokpan.com For your information, I am from Singapore and I am only the second batch to graduate from this very new product design program in NTU, one of the three national universities present here.

I am not sure whether I should put my form exploration works in there if I am going to apply for a job with this site or whether I should replace them with 2 or 3 more projects with time to come.

It would be great if any Singaporean designers can drop a msg as it is really a small city/country here and the design scene is just beginning to pick up (hopefully!)

Many thanks!


What type of field do you see yourself working in when you graduate? The portfolio seems weighted in furniture.

Also, would be great to show some 2d rapid visualization and exploration.

Hi yo!

I do envision myself to work in the furniture sector eventually but for now I am pretty much open. Do you think that I should present my portfolio with a stronger identity such that I only show work for one field? Or is it good to be diverse?

As for the visualisation and development, I am still consolidating my sketches and more photos so they will be up eventually =)

I think t os good to be diverse, but right now it skews toward furniture. I would maybe combine some of the furniture projects (or make a separate category for them) and then show some consumer electronics and the like to round it out. Definetly show you can do the process (market and consumer definition, idea generation, refinement sketches, illustrator/photoshop renderings, CAD layouts)