portfolio site feedback

professional designer 3 yrs experience


This site is best suited for Chrome browsers

Technical Feedback:

  • I’m on Chrome and your website takes a really long time to load. I was looking through your code and your BG image is 1.8 mb (which is crazy). I would re-size in photoshop and make sure it’s at 72dpi and click “save for web” next time.
  • You also have a 5px by 5px artifact that links to some weird flash plug-in to detect Skype. Do you really need that or did it just find its way into your code? If so I’d set the height and width to zero or have display: none in the css.
  • Looking through your CSS, you have your website linked to 3 stylesheets that could easily be one (this will reduce your load time as well). Also you have repeated elements in all of your stylesheets (I think I saw different styles for “img” 4 times in your css) which will lead to some weird bugs later on.
  • Going along with that you also have 7 separate javascript codes that could combine into one.

Design Feedback:

  • Your About Me section is pretty hard to read. There’s just a lot of info that could probably be condensed into shorter bullet points. I felt like I was reading your autobiography. White text on dark backgrounds is also pretty hard to make legible with huge chunks of text like that.
  • The thumbs for your Design Process are really difficult to read at that size and say the same thing as what was in your text beforehand.
  • Your portfolio section was also really buggy for me. I think just simple links with pictures and captions would be nice as opposed to this crazy animated slideshow effect you have going on right now.

I think you’re right about it being a coding mess. I simplified the portfoli0 page and changed the slideshow effect.

And I overlooked the size of the background jeez! Thought I optimized that. Thanks!

You should try looking into free portfolio sites, theres alot of good ones out there. Check these out: carbonmade, weebly, behance, virb.