Portfolio site feedback?

Just got my portfolio site online, if you care to give me some feedback I’d appreciate it! It’s made in Flash by the way, so please tell me if you discover any bugs. Link http://www.theotveteras.com/

I like the site… clean and simple. I would add more process pictures… Show me how you got to C with the A and B. Sketches, ideation, research.

Also moving through the pictures is kinda weird. I didn’t understand that arrow part till my mouse was over it. The first time I just skipped over it and went to the next thumbnail on the bottom because that is where my mouse was.

The site is great, nice and playful.

It took me a few click throughs to realize I could see process by clicking the side of the images. I would recommend starting with thumbnail pages when you click on a project. Also, the candy is not the right project to start off with unless you want to be a food designer. Lead off with what you want to design. Also, the images load a bit slow.

Thanks, that sounds reasonable! Don’t know what to do with the slow loading, the size of the pics are as small as they should. But I’ll work on the navigation on the projects, maybe add some process and have a look at the project sequence.

Hi Theo,

I wll comment on the site since I am more qualified there (your work does look nice and is recorded well.)

First of all, the overall Flash work is good, but there are a few simple things to do to make it look even better. My first reaction to the layout was regarding all of the right angles. Your work doesn’t seem to go with all of them! Use a few rounded corners… Especially the main frame. It is warmer (more inviting) and goes better with your output.

Like the others said, the navigation is a bit unintuitive. Use thumbnails on the side like yo suggested.

Try to cut down the time between project click to first screen (yo mentioned this too.) I know there is going to be some loading time, but it appears you have some sort of transition time scripted in where nothing happens at all. I think people’s patience level is at the point where, if they don’t see anything happening, they think it’s broken and might just give up. Your Flash skills are pretty sophisticated, so figure out a way to preload everything in the background while the viewer is looking at the first few things.

Very nice start though. The splash page is great.