Portfolio site critique


I would appreciate any feedback on my portfolio. http://willmangum.com I’ve been applying for jobs and getting tons of rejection.

Thanks in advance.


Ok, my quick 'n dirty thoughts on the portfolio site itself. (and, you asked, so I’ll just critique and nitpick, sorry for coming across negative here, heh)

1)It took forever to load up an empty screen? It stroke me as flash but I see it was just a js-loader. For such a light site I don’t think you need it?
2)The navigation is very small, and seems odd that you have left so much white space, which seems ready for content when nothing ever fills it. It would make navigating much easier if you drop the lightbox-effect and placed the images in the whitespace to the left of your menu.
3)In general, I like the “base site”, but personally, I think lightbox detracts from the clean layout and messes it a bit up. My two cents.
4)Try to work with the presentations of your work. Make the images roughly the same size (add whitespace for ratio), photograph print-outs when available, make web-screenshots with the same resolution and the same browser etc.

There, two cents :wink:

Thanks, sondre_m! You don’t come across negative at all. I appreciate you taking a look and your constructive feedback.