Portfolio site crit.

So I finally got my site up and running and wanted to hear/read your opinions on the content as well as navigation. Lay down the hammer if you feel it needs it, I can take it! Or not, either way, any feedback from this great design community would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

It seems like it would be a great site except it loads too slowly… I’m on a broadband connetion (DSL.) I shouldn’t be complaining about load time.

I did leave your site after waiting for the third page to load.

Yeah, it’s image heavy. This is the first website that I made, so you learn as you go I suppose. I have DSL as well and everybody that I showed it to didn’t seem to mind, but I agree, it could load quicker.
If you ever find the time and patience to flip through it let me know what you think about the content, I’m curious to hear opinions.
Any advice from HTML gurus on how to make the site load quicker would be greatly appreciated as well.

It’s image heavy, yet the images are small and pixelated…It’s one of those things that annoys me a lot, those little shit pixels around the text.

I know nothing about web design, but there is a ton of places on-line that got crispy graphics, are not image challenged and load fast, so it should be an easy fix.

" but there is a ton of places on-line that got crispy graphics, are not image challenged and load fast, so it should be an easy fix."

I wouldn’t say its an easy fix. Your images should be optimized in Image Ready or Fireworks. That being said you need to find a balance between quick load time and image quality. It does take a little bit of skill and experience.

I’m not sure why you are using images for text rather than HTML. It would load faster. Granted you don’t have as much control over its appearance but that is part the challenge when designing websites. Making all your text as images increases your load time.

Ideally your site would work much better/faster/sharper images if you did it in flash.

You need to pick up a good book. My suggestion would be this one to start:

designing web graphics.4 by Lynda Weinman
Main site: http://www.lynda.com
book info: http://www.lynda.com/books/dwg4/
amazon link: http://tinyurl.com/ytd73
(you can buy it used)

Agree with Lauren here. Definately look into Flash, BUT, your site still looks great. I like the rollover for the navigation of your product design section. That’s pretty nifty.

From an ID standpoint, your designs look very nice. I like how you have them presented.

The Flowing Light is slick.