Portfolio Site - Any advice

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to put up a link to my portfolio site and see if anyone had criticism. I am in the process of adding my thesis project and swapping out some sketches, but it is fairly recent as of now.

My main concern: I have trimmed down the projects for online viewing so that hopefully my process will come through, but if I am called in for an interview I will still have plenty of new images and work to show. I am not sure that this is 100% clear to an outside party, or if instead it makes my projects look weak. I’m trying to find a balance where I can show good work and actually receive an interview call, but I don’t want to bring in a paper portfolio with the exact same work.

I have been applying to jobs for two months and haven’t received an interview yet. Can I blame the economy, or is there something glaringly missing that I should work on?

Tear me up, I can handle it: http://www.ChrisMurrayDesign.com

You already lost my interest in the first few seconds.

Why? I see a logo, and a loading progression percentage thing.
Why make me wait?

I dont think you need to do that at all, just show this page as the home page.

But yea, that was a huge turn off, and i didnt really want to sit there and wait for it to load.
If i was the hirer, i wouldve just closed the site already.

But Im gonna take a look around now.
Will update commentary in a bit.

Amtrak Project:
I dont get it.
Why did you guys decide to create a new line for Amtrak?
What were the problems you found out and solved?
The project is very weak imo.
Even as a stylistic concept.

I looked at all your projects.
And its hard to see the thought process in em.
Also for your team projects, which is like half of your stuff.
You should write which areas you worked on.

ARC Project:
I think you need more research and a more focused idea of who its for.
Theres not enough “story.”
Just kinda feels like you ran with whatever you thought would be cool.
Why are their food stops?
Why does it have to be made outside?
Why dont u need onboard staff?
What are the benefits?
Who is this for?
Is it for business people?
Or anyone?
Kids, teens, adults, disabled people?

my 2 cents.

I agree with sketchyd on some of his points.
It is true that your projects all look and feel a bit heavy handed.
You may want to reconsider the way you show your work. Everything looks sort of muddy, This might be because of your images quality.
Maybe you could re-render some projects? Give Essence a spin in Hypershot and I swear it will pop a lot more.

I don’t think your work is bad, but I do think you have to sell it a bit better.

The flash is alright and works ok. I don’t mind the loading bar. Some websites have a little text you can read while you wait. but seriously, it’s seconds with a decent connection so I wouldn’t mind it too much.

here is an example of a consultancy that presents their work brilliantly, I think:

Best of luck!

Hey, thanks for the comments - you need to hear something from a critical eye now and then. I did put the site together in a hurried way, but then after doing all the work and saying “ah finished” I guess I got stuck on how it is. I have to agree that the work could be presented better and I think that I have held back too many good images because I was hording them for the paper version, but that won’t do me any good if I never get in the door, eh? :confused:

The loading bar is necessary, as I have it now, otherwise it would freeze while it loaded and it is also the reason for the muddy images (I turned down the resolution a lot to minimize the file size). However - I just taught myself some dreamweaver and have created a simpler, but similar design that I will be starting on soon. I’ll break the files up to erase the loading time and will arrange/show things better. Hopefully that version will be up and running sometime in August.

Anyways - thanks again, if nothing else you broke the “ah finished” spell.

I think for our field (ID), the more simple/minimal the portfolio site the better, since we’re not showcasing our HTML expertise… not that yours is distracting.

I came across this site years ago and I keep referring back to it for ideas.

well, I don’t think flash is bad. Done well it flows beautifully and the viewer can just cruise through your work.
I have no issues with your flash.
The muddy images are bad because they distract from your quality of the work itself.
I would recommend to look into actionscripts if you haven’t yet and want to stick with flash.

You are saving good images for the paper version?! As you already realized, that makes no sense. So many more people will look at your online representation that the paper portfolio.
Give it your best work.