Portfolio setup

Hey guys Im fairly new to the site and the design world as well so Im trying to soak up as much as I can. Anyways my question is in regards to setting up a portfolio. I have just finished my “second year” of design at my school and want to start working on a portfolio so I can get an internship. My breadth of work isnt too extensive but I feel its prudent to get some sort of portfolio together. Any advice on how long a portfolio should be, page size, layout, etc. I appreciate any and all advice!

Welcome to the boards!

You are in the right place for answers to all your question. You are just not looking hard enough.
My advice would be to go through as many threads in the Portfolio section of this forum as you can. Lots of good advice has been given in the past.

Once you get an idea and find a point to start, post it here and I am sure you’ll get lots of valuable and honest feedback.
It really does not need to be perfect at all before you post and can actually be quite rough but giving you advice without us seeing what you have to work with is not very productive.

Good luck and looking forward to seeing you work!