Portfolio season...

It seems like it’s portfolio season! I’ve been refreshing mine over the past couple of months, it’s not quite there yet and some of the work is still needing a bit of refinement to get it up to the standard I would like, but I would really appreciate any feedback you can give.

Thanks in advance! L

Ok, I’ll start.

I had some feedback today from another designer. The main thing that he picked up on was that the portfolio section did not read well. I believe that the issue here is that I had tried to make it read like a blog, with featured projects to show more depth and process. He recommended that I re-order the work and remove the dates however I would like to keep the blog format as it encourages me to post regularly and I feel that the format lends itself to unrelated odds and ends of work that can still further display my skill-set. One of the options is that I split the two, listing only ‘featured projects’ on the portfolio page and breaking out the blog style section onto its own page titled ‘blog’ (or something else). What do you think? Better to go for the split or to keep them both under the portfolio section but restructure the page a bit?

He also picked up on the language used in the ‘blog’ section - criticising it for sounding a little off-hand and too informal. This I am definitely going to revise as it is something that has been picked up by others as well.

Do you have any other comments? Is there anything missing? Anything that really grates on you?

Thanks :slight_smile:. L

Hi Linda,
Not sure I like your home screen - looking on a 27" iMac and everything is squashed into the left hand side with a lot of White space.
I think you can better it by changing the featured projects on the three tiles on different pages maybe.
I would also break up the Portfolio into a Sketches/Doodles/1hr jobs and then Projects as some of them just are 1 image per title and anyone looking to explore you as a designer is going to want to focus on projects first or as a priority.
The featured projects themselves are very good and you show nice sharp photos- especially in the Ski Guard project.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the feedback. Hmmm… I will have a think about the home screen - possibly including a larger image. I tend not to maximise my windows so hadn’t picked up that there might be a bit TOO much white space.

I’ve been thinking along the same lines with the sketches/doodles etc. but I’m not sure how many pages people are going to want to click through… one of my main aims with this refresh was that I wanted to keep the site as clean as possible making it really easy both for people to view all of my work quickly and for me to update it easily. I guess I will just have to give it a go and see how it works!