portfolio revision

About to revise my portfolio and add latest projects since school. Thinking also about changing the site layout altogether.

Any and all criticism is appreciated! Thank you!!

(link below)

silence is a scary thing

Its nice and clean, but it lacks punch. I think you need an impactful “memorable” project in there. I went throughout the site twice and the only visual that really stuck with me was bouncing circles.

Also, there is a whole in the resume. You’ve graduated in '06, but what brings you up to date? Have you been working? Freelancing? Traveling the 7 seas?

I like the Einstein quote.The gradient that runs through your name is a nice touch, but the circles detract from those subtle things.

I can understand that. I do have freelance work to add to both the portfolio and resume, and I think you’re right about the site itself.

I will most likely scrap most of the project in there and add sketches to those that I keep.

Thanks for the input!

I would suggest better project navigation while inside a project page. Not necessarily just the next project link. My tendancy was to click the browser’s back button which required the flash to load again. Putting the nav bar at the top of left side would make it more prominent, and probably help remedy this back-button response.

Maybe add a news area. You can keep people up to date on things like new projects…or just jabber on about nothing like I do.

Working on EVERYTHING as we speak. Thanks for all of your input!

Sometimes things are pointed out and you get that “Doh!” moment. Along the lines of “what the hell was I thinking?”

I’ve had my share of those in the last few days as I look back on what I did as student.

Most of my comments have been stated above.

One thing to watch for is to be sure to always turn perspective on and adjust it so it looks correct whenever you render an image. Seems like all the CAD renderings with the exception of the Kiosk is in a raw orthographic view mode. While engineers find this appropriate, and most designers can see past it (however it does bug most of us), most non-designers and especially marketing personalities will see it and think that the parallel lines are diverging toward the rear. Most evident in the martini table.

Also build a story out of the projects. choose one or two WOW projects and create a brief but concise “tour”. Show what spared the design(needs it addresses), why the decisions where made the way they were (research and supporting facts), and where the final design went (contextual glamour shot). Then the rest of the examples can be a glamor shot with developmental images supporting it.

Other than that keep the site clean, and easy to navigate to any point in 3 or less clicks. Don’t make it too “Flashy” - Flash is a great and powerful program but you want your thought process and design skills to dominate the site…not your knowledge of the intricacies of a web/interaction design software.

It happens to all of us more frequently than any of us would readily admit… it’s when you stop having those moments that you should start to worry, it means you’ve stopped learning.

Look forward to checking out the upgrades…