portfolio review

If anyone has any constructive criticism for my portfolio that would be great - thanks :).


It’s a nice solid portfolio. But depending on where you interview you almost would like to have 2 portfolio’s. One portfolio being well designed and conservative. When I mean conservative, I really do not mean boring but just clean and executed nicely. These types of portfolio pieces can get you in a majority of in-house jobs and some design firms.

Now the other portfolio (MTV style) should be targeted towards the really higher end design firms. With these design houses they are usually more difficult to get into and you really need to be sharp. It’s the type of place that doesn’t need to see real life work if its not conceptual (like your Tri-Fold brochure.) Though this piece is nice the straight design firms like to see your conceptual ability and your total creativity. If your going to go after these types of jobs feel free to explore and push new trends. Try not to be like the other generation X works out there.

hope this helps