Portfolio Review

Hi all I am currently a masters student at Northwestern University in the Engineering Design and Innovation program. I’ve recently updated my website (www.raymond-chen.com) and was hoping to get some feedback. I have a mechanical engineering background and want to work in the product design field once I graduate. Thank you in advance!

I also apologize for double posting. I realized my original post was in “Design Employment” instead of under this subforum.

You show a number of group projects – what did you do?

Hi Dan, I tried to convey this with the titles under each project (i.e. Mechanical Design | Prototyping | Testing). Would an additional paragraph highlighting my specific contributions and what I learned help? I’ll work on adding that in. Thank you so much!

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My role: (my responsibilities work also)
Mechanical design | protoyping | testing

Also i would move the “four team members” elsewhere, i always found this distracting. I think its good you are giving credit where it is due, but having it upfront makes me want to hunt for what you did exactly in the project instead of trying to really understand the full project and story. Its like im playing “wheres waldo?”

Thank you for the suggestion. I have made the changes on all my projects and hopefully I’ve done a better job of describing my role as well :slight_smile:

I want to market myself as a human-centered engineer. I don’t see myself as a very aesthetic/sketching oriented person but I definitely want to convey my ideation skills. I tried separating my more artistic side under hobbies because they definitely aren’t at a more than proficient level yet. Also, I am in a design program right now so I don’t want to cut it out entirely. I’ll definitely try to answer your questions myself to better understand what I want my story to tell as well :smiley:

Ray, nice variety of projects. The theme you are using is overall nice and clean, and I like the landing page and about page. This might be a result of the theme, but I feel that when I get into the projects so many of the images are about the same size, it is hard for me to get a sense of story and hierarchy from it. I’d try making the important images full bleed, or at least much larger.