Portfolio Review


About a month ago I posted a portfolio draft. I took the critiques and finished a portfolio. I cleaned it up a lot from what it was. Making it much simpler, including less graphical elements, reducing text, and trying to concentrate on the products themselves. I love getting other’s opinions because I think it makes my work just that much stronger. So, I would like some constructive criticism from the Core77 community.

I also have a few concerns:

  1. Is it not consistent enough?
    I have applied different colors to the backgrounds to ‘spice it up’ and make certain things ‘pop’. I’m not sure if this messes with the flow of the projects. Can you see a distinct gap between them?
  2. Simply too simple?
    I eliminated the graphic elements that were overtaking my pages and causing confusion when looking at my pages and brought it down to the bare minimum. Now i’m worried that there is too little.
  3. Length
    As suggested, each spread recognizes a certain element of the project as to keep all ideas separate and not put out too much information at once.
    please keep in mind the size of each page is an 8x8 square (spreads 16x8)
  4. I have included projects from my past internship in a different way…
    Is this effective… or even… is it allowed?

Thank you all very much I look forward to hearing your critiques!


Post a link to an online version and get more reply. I’m not signing in and downloading something from an unknown source.


Richard is right. Make it easy for your audience. Especially if you are asking for help.
I also didn’t bother looking at your portfolio.

This caught my attention though in your post:

  1. I have included projects from my past internship in a different way…
    Is this effective… or even… > is it allowed?

Without having seen the portfolio or the work, I can already tell you that we are the wrong people to ask. Wether you can share this work or not is something you have to discuss with the firm you interned at.
I would strongly advice to clear this, preferably in writing, before you post it.

Bepster is totally right, most of what you have done would most likely be confidential. You don’t wanna get into legal troubles because of showing something that is confidential. Get in touch with the company and clarify that. In my case, for example, I did a medical design internship and I can’t show any of the stuff I did there. Clients own everything you do for the projects and most of the time they don’t give permission to show any of it.

Okay, Thank you all . I will fix the link and I have contacted my managers.


Here is a new link. It is the file linked from my website.
& I removed the internship projects for the time being.

Thanks again!