portfolio review

I have posted a link to my Coroflot portfolio below. Please provide comments on how I might be able to improve upon the information shown. Is it a common practice to utilize Coroflot when applying for a new position and are the rules the same for Senior Designers? What other free portfolio services might I be able to take advantage of? I know of a few. What are your thoughts on the sites listed below. Which are more professional and offer the cleanest interface? Are there any others that you might recommend?


Cargo Collective



I appreciate the feedback.


Tons of reviews but no replies. Must be pretty bad. Man. I am in the process of updating the data I promise. Just need to know thoughts on whats currently in the Coroflot. Does sketching suck? Are renderings bad? Do I show a wide enough range of work? Give it too me straight. I can take it!

Thanks people.


You write in your profile “…imagination connects seemingly unrelated elements and recombines them to form something truly original.”

Problem is, you aren’t following that belief at all. Your portfolio has a lot of single elements, with seemingly no background story, or subject matter.

What you need is a compelling story or problem in which you solve with your designs. Right now, all anyone can see is a bunch of renderings, and some sketches with not much rythme or reason.

It seems like you have some talent, but it is not showcased at all. What did you work on specifically? How did you get there?

Look at the popular portfolios that people follow or talk about, why are they successful?

Hope this helps…

I think you could improve upon what you have by organizing your strongest projects into formal design presentations. It looks like you have good abilities, but it’s hard to offer suggestions on what is more of a teaser than what I’d consider a portfolio.

Sorry, I don’t really have any suggestions on portfolio websites. I typically send pdfs only.

Awesome! Thank you so much for the feedback. I think your absolutely right in that I need to tell a better story. I should be working on that over the next few days. Keep up the great feedback.