Portfolio review

hey guys,

I’ll be graduating from grad school soon and looking forward to applying to different companies I have in mind, my background is in both Graphic Design and Industrial Design (grad school),

any feedback on the works, things to add/remove, or anything in general, would be great!


thanks and all the best!

Wow some awesome work, love the Adidas work and the Illinois basketball work as well. So much punch in your visuals. Great to see some nice process as well, I don’t see that too often in Graphic/Web of portfolios.

Couple of crits, I don’t get the phrase at the beginning, “Up above the world, so high” I’m not sure what meaning you’re intending but it sounds like a Kid Cudi lyric (ie. a little pretentious, while at the same time referencing drug culture). That’s how I took it, maybe others can chime in on what they thought it meant.

I’m not a fan of the Astrum Car project, I think compared to the other projects it’s pretty weak. The rest of your Graphic/Web/UI work looks professional and fresh, the concept car looks unrefined and not nearly as professional and impressive. If you are hoping to snag an ID job I don’t think this project would do it, unless you’re not looking for an ID job in which case it might be a good extra project to show some other skills? This definitely reads like a Graphic Pro portfolio, who also dabbles in ID.

Great stuff though, awesome energy and pop in all of your graphic work, love the super tiny perf detail you have over everything, it a really nice touch!

Thanks for the feedback Choto!

about the tag line in the welcome scee, loool, i never thought of it that way :stuck_out_tongue:, it’s a verse from twinkle twinkle little star, the intention was to always aim high, but it seems it didn’t come across that way :stuck_out_tongue:

Since i’m starting to make a transition into ID, i’d really like to push the ID side of it further… about the astrum projects, do you think the concept/idea isn’t working or the way it’s presented? maybe i could re-do the whole process?

thanks again, love to hear any more advice on improving the ID elements

Oh wow, that’s hillarious! I totally missed it. I think the thing that threw me off was the comma, which almost separates it out to two statements.

What type of job do you want? Right now I think your portfolio is geared more toward a position as a graphic designer because the majority of the work and stronger work is graphic. You list the ID work as 3D which doesn’t indicate an interest in an ID job.