Portfolio Review

Well… it’s at a point where I’m trying to make a concentrated portfolio. I have a LOT of work with a fair amount of companies, so I’m trying to trim down to the bare essential “good stuff”, so that what I send leaves people wanting to see more. Here’s what I have so far, and I’d definitely appreciate some feedback. I already know I’m lacking more sketches… need to add some more.


Portfolio Teaser:

Comments and criticism very much appreciated! :slight_smile:

Things look good overall.

For my personal taste, you have too much writing in your teaser portfolio. I would rather see the stories told more visually. Also it is pretty heavy on the template layout. I would prefer a simple design and more white space.

You need to fix the compression issues with your portfolio. the text is nearly unreadable.

So far I’ve just gone through the teaser.

The work is pretty solid, but right now I don’t think you are showing it well. I hope some of these opinions help:

A lot of the pages have a lot of small images with a lot of text in a very scattered composition that doesn’t lead the eye. Can you edit you text down to key points, show as much as possible visually?

Decide what is the key image (or takeaway) of each page. What is it you want the viewer to remember from each page? Can you design every page to have have one thing the viewer remembers?

The graphics look very dated. Bench mark some of the more modern looking portfolios and develop a consistent template to use as a guide to build your folio.

The cover page, resume, end page graphics don’t match the content graphics. It gives the whole thing an off feel. Making things consistent is a snap and goes a long way to helping things hang together.