Portfolio review

Hi, my name is Jessica Baca and I’m somewhat new here. I’m a newly graduated student of the San Francisco State University Design and Industry department with a focus in digital visual communication. As part of the time spent in my last year I put together a digital portfolio made up of all the work I did.

Getting to the point I was just wondering if anyone here can have a look and review it. It comes in both flash and HTML and is best viewed in 1024x768 resolution


a lot of the work is fun :smiley:

But there are a few things:

I would spend more time on your gradients, there’s a lot more you could do with them, like layering for highlights or a glassy look (team six web), or they could follow the shapes a bit better (the huge image on the home page)

I think the homepage you did for school looked better then the one you ended up with here though, you might look into that :wink:

On the flash site, how do you go back? maybe I missed it, but I had to close the window after viewing each piece.

it must’ve been great growing up in San Fransico, I had the wonderful misfortune of having a 13 hr. layover there last month on my way to Taiwan, so damn beautiful :exclamation:

Um, I’m going to sound really dumb when I say this but what do you mean when you say I should try layering for highlights or having the gradients follow the shape? Perhaps you could be a bit more specific.

A little known fact that probably should be shown on the portfolio is that on the team six website where there is content, the background image is similarly subdued. When building both sites I noticed that on bright highlights and colors even with black text, text would be hard to read. I also didn’t want the logo to dominate the design by being too bright or flashy which is also why it is flat.

Which one? There are a lot of school homepages included in the portfolio. There’s the HTML portfolio pages, The Flash Portfolio, the portal to both (which actually wasn’t built for class but as an afterthought), the web design homepage (dai 527), the team six homepage,

Noted and fixed

It’s okay. It depends on how much you love your car. The rent is sky high and there’s a lot of competition for work and parking. Still being someone who knows how to get around I like it here. I personally hope for a job good enough to keep me here too. One of the reasons why I really need review of my portfolio by various people. This is one of the most important parts of landing a design job after all.